Prescription & Lenses only

Prescription & Lenses only

How it works at Infiniti Lenz optics
we ask that you find the fabulous frame and lenses of your choice, place your order with us online then send your updated RX to [email protected] Once you send your RX with your confirmation order number you will receive an email from our support team, letting you know that your RX was received. If there are any special or custom orders, we will send you additional information about processing for all special or custom orders.
RX parameters
Single Vision (SV)
SV- Plano to -10.00 and up to +5.00
Custom order
SV  -10.25 to -12.00 and up to +7.00
Astigmatism parameters (CYL)
Cyl -0.25 to -1.75
Custom Order
Cyl -2.00 to - 2.75

Progressive Parameters (MF-MULTIFOCAL)
MF Plano to -5.50 and up to +5.00
Custom order
MF  -6.00 to -12.00 and up to +7.00

Progressive Add Power Parameters
Add +0.25 to +2.50

Custom Order

Add +2.75 to 3.50

We ask that all prescriptions are within two years of the current year's date. Please send all our access to our email [email protected]  

Customer own Frame

Would you like to use your own frame?
That's great! here at Infiniti Lenz optics. We offer that service for you as well. With sending your frame, we ask that you signed a COF waiver. After you place the order for your lenses. we will email you a C.O.F waiver, we ask that you sign and send it back via email. We will send you a confirmation email with the address ,where to send your frame for processing. Please note that processing time starts when we receive the frame.
(Customers own frame) we ask that you sign this waiver to acknowledge that things do happen with frames in the process of edging, cutting, removal and insertion of lenses. Here at Infiniti Lenz Optics we inspect all frames to ensure that it is healthy enough for the insert and removal process. if your frame is deemed unable to be used. You will be contacted by our support team via email or phone with options to purchase a frame from Infiniti Lenz optics or you can send another frame of your choice. We will also be sent back your frame. Free of charge, we will take care of shipping costs to send the frame back to you with standard shipping. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]  

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